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Workday Wednesday – William Ernest Easter at Wimbledon gas works

My paternal grandfather, William Ernest Easter, worked at the gas works in Wimbledon in London. Here he is, ready with his spanner. I’m not sure what date this is, but he’s probably about 25 or 30, which would make it  about 1913 or so. My father remembers one of his first jobs on leaving school was … Continue reading

Technology Tuesday – from Joomla to GRAMPS NarrativeWeb

Until recently I’ve been using Joomla CMS to create my website – mainly to get practice for another project I’m involved in. But as I’m the only person updating my site, it’s rather overkill. Another problem was that the few genealogy plug-ins were too heavy on resources for my free hosting, and I don’t want … Continue reading

Sepia Saturday – Not Quite Tennis

Not exactly tennis, but this is my paternal grandfather (front left), with his darts team. I don’t know the date, but he was born in 1893, so this is probably about 1913. He was born in Camberwell Road, Peckham in London, and married in Wimbledon so the connection isn’t so tenuous!  After his marriage he … Continue reading

Mystery Monday – William Easter’s parents

A brick wall that has remained for years is the identity of the parents of my 6x great-grandfather, William Easter. According to information I’ve inherited, he was born in 1675, in Stow-cum-Quy, Cambridgeshire. However his baptism isn’t in the parish records for Stow, so he must have been born elsewhere. There  is a possibility that … Continue reading

US Census 1940

Two months since I posted, but I’ve been busy. I let a couple of weeks go by after the release of the 1940 US Census, to let the crowds disperse a bit! I have a family branch in Utah, so I’ve been looking up some of those I know about on the census. There’s no … Continue reading