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Follow Friday – Recent Finds

Some of the interesting sites I’ve bookmarked in the last couple of weeks. 1940 US Census - if you have ancestors in the US, this is the one to bookmark so you’re ready! WorkingDogWeb genealogy resources, from absolute beginners onwards. Genealogy Blog Finder - find by name, by area, or by topic. British Newspaper Archive I actually came … Continue reading

Technology Tuesday – Pearltrees

I was searching for a Chrome extension to make notes, specifically of genealogy-related websites that I’d come across that week. Every Friday I read other bloggers accounts of the stuff they’ve found, but can’t be bothered to track back through my bookmarks to record mine. I’ve got Tomboy of course, but I was thinking more … Continue reading

Added to Easter Family Genealogy

I’ve added a new page for William Samuel St John on the main website.

Wordless Wednesday – Lilian St John

Born 1885, married Walter Frederick Golesworthy 1905, died 1969, worked as a seamstress.

Military Monday – William Samuel St John, RN

This wonderful photo from a relative of my husband. He’s my husband’s great-grandfather, William Samuel St John. I had found him in the 1861 census as a boy in Devon, and in the 1881 census as a waiter in an in near Bishopsgate in London, but this certainly isn’t a waiters uniform. Finally found him … Continue reading