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Matrilinial Monday – Amy Rebecca Carter

My maternal grandmother, born 15 January 1888 in Newchapel, Staffordshire. I remember her well, although in the days before motorways we only got to visit her once a year. I don’t know the date of this photo – round about the time of her marriage, I should think. She was a dressmaker, and still made … Continue reading

Black Sheep Sunday – uttering counterfeit coin

On May 18, 1885 Philip Reuby appeared at the Old Bailey accused of issuing counterfeit coin. He was only 17 at the time, and was recommended to mercy by the jury who felt he may have been duped himself. His sentence was twelve months hard labour. This page and the transcript both show the mis-spelling … Continue reading

Surname Saturday – Reuby

Reuby is my husband’s family name, and I have about 55  in my tree, the oldest being Philip, born in Ireland in 1814. It’s often mis-spelled, and Philip’s surname was spelled Rubie in the records I’ve found. Considering the mis-spellings that come through my letter box every day, I can’t complain about the variations I … Continue reading

Wedding Wednesday – Christmas Day Nuptials

It always surprises me to see 25 December listed as the date of marriage – I’ve got half a dozen, and don’t have marriage details for a good many of the people in my trees. I’m assuming that it was one of the few days that workers could have time off. In my immediate tree: … Continue reading

Surname Saturday – Easter

The name Easter has nothing to do with the Christian festival, or the time of year. It means “of [from] the East”, and our branch of the family originated in Aldeburgh, on the East Suffolk coast. We have 160 Easters in our tree, the earliest being William Easter, born in 1675 in Stow cum Quy … Continue reading