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Wordless Wednesday – My Grandparents


Born: Holloway Fire Station

My husband’s great-grandfather, Philip Reuby, was born in Cork, and moved to London sometime before 1861. The 1881 census shows him as a fireman, and several of his children are shown as being born in Holloway Fire Station. As can be seen in this modern photo, there was accommodation above –  as this was only … Continue reading

Matrilineal Monday – Golesworthy

My late mother-in-law was a Golesworthy. Unusual enough to make research slightly easier? That’s until you start looking at the family’s place of origin – Honiton in Devon, UK. Two streets of them in the 1880’s – and they all seem to have loved the name “William”.  Still, I’ve found her parents – Walter Frederick … Continue reading

Making a Genealogical Effort in 2011

My plan is cunning, but simple … by blogging my genealogy news and researches, I will be forced to concentrate on them more than I have been doing lately. Just recently there’s always been something or somewhere more urgent, more important, more pressing to do or go. My list of items to check at the … Continue reading