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Golesworthy Update

For those who think I’ve already broken my resolution, you’re wrong. I haven’t posted much for several days as I’ve been adding in the Golesworthy data sent to me by a member of another branch of my husband’s family.

Like my father, he has also spent over 40 years researching his family, and has got back to the 1700’s. So here’s a screenshot of the family tree of Walter Golesworthy, my husband’s grandfather.

Family Tree of Walter Frederick GolesworthyTo view full size – click the image, and then click the size link (1361 x 481) just above the new image.

I still have some data to add, and some dates to try and track down if I can, but  I’ve certainly been given a great present!



2 thoughts on “Golesworthy Update

  1. My Father is Walter Fredrick Golesworthy, My mother is Lilian St John
    Direct family tree
    Fredrick Arther dob 11 Dec 1905
    Walter St John dob 10 Nov 1906
    Lilian May dob 4 May 1909
    Cecil dob 26th jan 1911
    Alec dob 20 Dec 1914
    Ena Grace dob 12 Oct 1916
    Edward George dob 12 Jan 1917
    Joan Adelaide Louise dob 25 Mar 1920
    Helen dob 24 July 1921
    Sidney Frank dob 8 Sept 1924
    Margaret Ivy dob 26th Aug 1927
    Elsie dob dob 13 June 1929
    Gladys dob 20 Sept 1931
    Claude dob 26 mar 1933

    Posted by Gladys Flockton | December 27, 2011, 4:21 am
  2. Hi Pramclub
    My name is Richard Goldsworthy and if my research is correct, and who knows it may be I am descended from William Golesworthy b.1765 brother of your Charles Golesworthy b.1777
    Further research showed the Mother’s surname to be “Clark” not “Clash” do you have any update on that.
    It seems unusual to be named after a late 70’s punk band
    Any info on the Golesworthys always appreciated.

    Regards Richard

    Posted by Richard | November 15, 2015, 7:46 pm

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