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Matrilineal Monday – Mary Ann Austin

Mary Ann Austin was my great-grandmother, mother of Amy Rebecca Carter. She was born on 2 January 1845 in Hall Street, Tunstall, Staffordshire, UK, and died in 1918. She married Herbert Carter on 24 December 1866, and my grandmother was born 15 January 1888, the ninth of their ten children. Advertisements

Mormon Pioneer Family Updated

I’m still working on the Golesworthys, but I took a break today to add some more information about Samuel Carter and his family, who emigrated to Utah in 1862, having joined the LDS. Their trip was paid for by the Perpetual Emigration Fund.

Golesworthy Update

For those who think I’ve already broken my resolution, you’re wrong. I haven’t posted much for several days as I’ve been adding in the Golesworthy data sent to me by a member of another branch of my husband’s family. Like my father, he has also spent over 40 years researching his family, and has got … Continue reading