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UK Census Day 2011

One of the highlights of any genealogist’s calendar – census day! I couldn’t help but wonder about my descendants, in a hundred or so years time, digging through the records to extract as much information as they can about great-great grandma and grandpa, where they lived, what they did, who their children were … assuming the records haven’t been lost on a flash drive that was left on the 10.15 from Waterloo. 🙂

If like me you’re always having to stop and check the census date for a particular decade, they’re listed here with details of their availability (or otherwise). Keep meaning to create some wallpaper for my desktop with the dates already on, but I never get round to it – so if you know of one, don’t keep it to yourself.

Ancestry UK has given us a census-day gift of free access to their census indexes until Monday 28, and I’ve made good use of it.  (I know purists will insist I should have written “indices” but it just doesn’t sound right.) We’ve already lost an hour of record-rooting due to the change to British Summer Time.

Will this be the last UK census? I hope not, but it’s highly possible. Many of the questions aren’t relevant as far as running the country goes, so perhaps a genealogy company will put in a bid to run the next one, and ask questions that we want the answers to. No, I don’t think so either.



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