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Adding Some Dates

Other researches I’ve done this week have mainly been on adding dates and locations to various families. In my brother-in-law’s tree, I’ve found the wonderfully named Liberty Pitt, born in Devon in 1822. He died in Poplar, London in 1904. I’ve found some of his children, including another Liberty, a Robert, a Thomas, and a … Continue reading

Recent Researches – Louisa Woodland

Haven’t posted very much over the last week, but I have been getting some research done. Searching for information on my husband’s great-great-grandmother, Louisa Woodland. She was born in 1824 in Devon, and in 1847 married Charles Golesworthy. The census of 1851 lists her as a straw milliner. She died in 1904 in Ottery St … Continue reading

Technology Tuesday – What’s on Your Phone?

I’m getting used to the features on my new phone – I can even make calls and send texts! But for genealogy it really shines. I’m trying not to go app crazy, but some are just too good to do without. Family Bee¬†allows you to access your GEDCOM, and make notes on people as you … Continue reading

Technology Tuesday – Photos of Photos

Looking at the various portable scanners the other day, as I have a bad habit of borrowing family photos from my Dad and forgetting to return them.¬† Then I had a thought – my phone has a five megapixel camera, and I spend more time reducing image files after scanning than I do actually scanning, … Continue reading

Military Monday – Frederick Coates

Frederick was my mother’s cousin, the son of her father’s brother Alfred. According to the inscription on the back this was taken in 1914 – but as he was born in 1900 this would have made him well below age. He was born in Wolstanton, Staffordshire, UK, and survived both wars to die in Stoke-on-Trent, … Continue reading