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Mystery Monday – Robert Reuby and his Wives

I’ve spent a lot of today wrestling with Robert Reuby and his family. The more information I get, the less I seem to know.

First Marriage: 7 Aug 1893 to Kate Mack. No death for her under Mack or Reuby, but she disappears.
Child: baptism Feb 1901, parents Robert and Ellen Reuby.
1901 Census: shown as Head, married to Ellen , but no child listed. They occupied one room in a house.
Child: baptism July 1902, parents Robert and Ellen Reuby
Child: birth 25 July 1905
Second Marriage: Dec qtr 1905, Robert states he is a  bachelor, Ellen a widow. Her married name was Tonkins, maiden name Morris.
Child: baptism 2 Dec 1906, parents Robert and Ellen Reuby
Child: birth 14 Jan 1911

Unless Kate, his first wife, died and wasn’t recorded, or was recorded under another name, his second marriage was bigamous. As a railway worker he certainly couldn’t have afforded a divorce. Robert and Ellen lived as man and wife, using his name, until 1905, after the birth of their third child, when they married.

The 1901 census only shows the two of them – no child, although their daughter Ellen was born before the census. Perhaps she was living with grandparents, or a neighbour.  That’s something for my to-do list.

Ellen died in September quarter 1926, and in 1927 Robert married for a third time, to Ruth Davies.



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