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Technology Tuesday – What’s on Your Phone?

I’m getting used to the features on my new phone – I can even make calls and send texts! But for genealogy it really shines. I’m trying not to go app crazy, but some are just too good to do without.

Family Bee allows you to access your GEDCOM, and make notes on people as you research. It’s been tested up to 32,000 names – as I have only about 4000 I should be OK for a while. You can email your notes home – they recommend Gmail for various technical reasons.

Gmail – I set up Gmail on my Google account specifically for genealogy researches and Family Bee. The app was built in, but you can add it if you don’t have it already. Makes reading emails on your phone easy.

Google Maps – I don’t use it much, but if you’re out looking for graveyards, cemeteries, and other places of interest it could be very useful.

Chromium / Chrome – this is on my PC and laptop, an alternative browser to Firefox. I’ve loved Fx for many years, even when I used Windows, but it seems to be getting slower and slower. I’m giving Chromium / Google Chrome a try – one extension I’ve added is Incredible Start Page. Has all my essential bookmarks, but also has a note area. Type anything, click “send to Gmail” and it’s in my Gmail account ready for me to read on my phone when I’m out researching. And Chromium is certainly faster.

I did look at various note-taking apps, but haven’t installed any. Family Bee is fine for short notes, and for anything more than a paragraph I’ll probably use that stuff … what’s it called? Ah, yes – pen and paper. 🙂



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