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Recent Researches – Louisa Woodland

Haven’t posted very much over the last week, but I have been getting some research done.

Searching for information on my husband’s great-great-grandmother, Louisa Woodland. She was born in 1824 in Devon, and in 1847 married Charles Golesworthy.

Louisa Woodland

Louisa Woodland

Charles Golesworthy

Charles Golesworthy

The census of 1851 lists her as a straw milliner. She died in 1904 in Ottery St Mary, Devon.

I’ve spent some time trying to trace her before her marriage. The only Louisa Woodland that I can find on the 1841 census is in the Devon House of Corrections.

Louisa WoodlandShe is shown as P(risoner) Dressmaker. She was serving 8 months for “Larceny before convicted of felony”. She served another sentence of one month for larceny in 1845.

Assize records, 1845

Assize records, 1845

So is this the correct Louisa Woodland?



3 thoughts on “Recent Researches – Louisa Woodland

  1. Sounds like it!

    Posted by roubaix9 | May 1, 2011, 8:43 am
  2. I sent a message a week ago, don’t know if I did everything correctly, not very computer literate! I am Roger Henry Woodland Golesworthy’s daughter-in-law, + a passionate amateur family history researcher, I’ve done loads mostly through Genes Reunited. RHWG was the eldest grandson of Frank Woodland Golesworthy b.1850 in Honiton, he was married 1st to Amelia Whittle and had 2 daughters Winifred + Violet, they moved from Cheltenham in 1877 because of Amelia’s poor health, she died, + he married the nanny, a local girl called Caroline Davies and had several more children, 2 sons Arthur Woodland + Frank Davies Golesworthy, my F.i.L was Arthur’s son. GG’pa FWG moved to Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire + bought an outfitters shop in the centre of Hay by the town clock. My husbands younger brother Robert still runs the business today, + his son has just joined him in the business. My 2 sister-in-laws run a v. successful restaurant next door for the last 33yrs, we have a pub, The Blue Boar at the other end of town for the last 26yrs. ” Harry Tom” Woodland Golesworthy was Frank W.G’s older brother. Years ago some Golesworthy girls from up North visited + they were doing the family tree – perhaps they were Glyn Golesworthy’s family – it must be nearly 30 yrs ago. There are 2 more branches of our direct family, the Bristolian Golesworthys, they are my F.i.L’s younger brother Derek’s grown up 4 children, + the Cheltenham G’s are my F.i.L’s uncle Frank Davies Golesworthy’s daughter June, now in her 80’s family + her late brother John Ian Golesworthy’s children. I too found Louisa in the “House of Correction” it must be her, I knew she sold straw bonnets in Honiton market. My in laws died 4yrs ago this May, + G’Pa + I used to talk alot about the family history, he used to say one half of the family went to London to be stone masons on St. Paul’s Cathedral, + the half were tailors. We have a little house in Brixham, Devon which G’pa left us, + we keep saying we will call in at Ottery St. Mary’s + Honiton. Its wonderful to find your site when I put Woodland Golesworthy into Google, is there any more info I can get hold of, familytrees etc, I could see the family resemblance in your mother-in-law’s face with our Golesworthy Great Aunts – Nellie, Ethel, Doris, Winny, Violet, Daisy all died spinsters except for Winny who married a Davey Wall I think but had no children. They were all FWG’s daughters, and my F.i.L’s aunts. I used to go for tea with Aunty Nel back in the 1970’s, she had no roof to her mouth, + was going to leave her money to the Christian Scientist Church in Hereford. She lived with her housekeeper Miss Badham, who used to bring the tea in on a gold 1950’c tea trolley. Her will was published in the Telegraph + her father’s trust fund was dissolved because she was the last surviving child. There is a family bible, it was kept in a safe in Granny Mabel Gladys Golesworthy’s flat above the outfitters shop, GPa Roger used to talk about it – Mabel was his mother, she married FWG’s eldest son Arthur. She was a Townshend from Cheltenham, her family + FWG both ran businesses on the High St in Cheltenham, her Dad’s was a hardware shop, + FWG had an outfitters bus. FWG’s daughters also by the 1930’s ran a very exclusive dress shop in Broad St. Hereford. Most of the sisters lived together in a very big house in Hereford, + they used to come up to Hay in a beautiful car in their furs to collect their div. qrtly chq from the business. My husband John remembers it. I am very interested in any news about your branch + any info on the family in general. Do you know why Louisa’s name of Woodland is so profound even now, my nephew Nicolas is a WG, his baby son has the name, + my neice has used it, also the Bristolians use it, it seems strange especially if she went to prison, I have researched her family as well, there’s plenty of Woodlands in Honiton they seemed to live side by side with the Golesworthys. Hope you find some of this interesting, hope to hear from you -Lucy Golesworthy

    Posted by Lucy Golesworthy | May 4, 2011, 1:50 pm
  3. oh what a treat to read! my late Dad is Glyn Woodland Golesworthy and so many of these names are familiar as my parents did a tonne of genealogy. i have a copy of the photo too!
    Nikki Golesworthy

    Posted by golesworthy | November 15, 2016, 6:11 pm

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