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The Elusive Philip Rubie of Cork

An item about the Irish Records Extraction Database on Ancestry set me off on our Irish connections again today. I’ve found as much information online as I’m likely to, given the loss of many census and other records. Going back beyond the birth of Philip Rubie in 1814 in Cork is not going to be an … Continue reading

A Day without Blogging?

Geneamusings asks:  If we lost our blogging platforms for awhile (but not the Internet as a whole), what would you do with your genealogy time?  What projects would you start, continue working on, or try to finish instead of blogging? Tough question! Plenty on my to-do list, so I’d try to clear some of those. I know … Continue reading

Joseph Cordery

Joseph Cordery is an ancestor of my brother-in-law – I spent this morning searching out some information on him and his family. Joseph was born in 1800 in Richmond, Surrey. He married Mary Chuter in 1824 – before civil registrations, but I found them in Piggot’s Marriage Index. Mary died in 1826, and on 7 … Continue reading

Mystery Monday – Two Census Entries?

My husband’s grandfather is driving me mad. I thought I’d found him, and his wife Ellen, on the 1901 census. Aged 28, born Southwark, wife Nellie – which is how she appears on many census entries. But by 1901 they already had their first daughter, Ellen. So where is she? Some searching found another entry … Continue reading