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A Day without Blogging?

Geneamusings asks:  If we lost our blogging platforms for awhile (but not the Internet as a whole), what would you do with your genealogy time?  What projects would you start, continue working on, or try to finish instead of blogging?

Tough question!

  1. Plenty on my to-do list, so I’d try to clear some of those.
  2. I know there’s a double entry on my database – somehow I’ve entered one family group twice, so that needs dealing with.
  3. Some queries in my genealogy inbox that I must look at – most of those need Ancestry at the library though, so I can put them off until I have a library day.
  4. Update my website with my latest GRAMPS database.

That’s four right off the top of my head – there are probably plenty more if I stop to think about it. 

So what’s your answer?



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