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Technology Tuesday – Website Updates

Should have posted this yesterday, but it’s only just Wednesday! Haven’t had time to blog much lately, or to do much genealogy. I did zoom into the library on Monday to research Sarah Scotney in answer to a query from an Australian descendant of my BIL’s family. My results only extended our confusion.

I have been working on the main website – at the moment it’s still running Joomla! 1.5, and the latest version is 1.7.  I’ve updated my genealogy software, GRAMPS, to the latest version, and I really like the extra functionality. But the script I use to display the GEDCOM on my website doesn’t work with the latest version of GRAMPS. The author is working on that.

Meanwhile, I looked for an alternative.  As I’m making changes, I decided to update Joomla! while I was at it. I’m still running on localhost, and it’s not ready to go live yet. I’m trying the Joaktree extension, which worked well on the first install. Then I tried a different site template, which made Joaktree’s display completely unreadable. I changed the template, no joy. I uninstalled Joaktree, and reinstalled. Now I get a 404 when I try to access Joaktree’s control panel.

Uninstalled again, manually removed the remaining Joaktree entries from the php database, reinstalled,  but Joaktree still doesn’t want to play.

So that’s why you can’t find my ancestors on the main website at the moment. I just wish there were more genealogy extensions for Joomla!



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