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Using Family History Society records

The earliest Easters we’ve found lived in Stow-cum-Quy in Cambridgeshire. Several years ago my father bought a copy of the Stow-cum-Quy parish registers on microfiche from the Cambridgeshire Family History Society. As he’s never had a microfiche reader they’ve been lying in a file. I finally got round to viewing them today in the public library.

These are typewritten transcripts of the registers from 1539 to 1902. As expected, there were a couple of variations of spelling – Eastern and Esthern – in the period I searched today. I checked the people whose dates I already had, and found their baptisms and marriages. I also found the parents and birth date for one of the husbands.

William Easter and his wife Ann Bradwell are the starting point for this search, and looking at the baptism records for their children I can see that they moved from Stow-cum-Quy to Aldeburgh in Suffolk between the baptism of daughter Ann in 1706 and son John in 1708. William was born in Stow in 1675 – I found his marriage, but not his baptism, so I need to go back and check that.

Many family history societies are transcribing their local records, and scanning them either to fiche, film, or more commonly now, to CD and DVD, so if you’re sure about the origin of some of your earlier ancestors, it may be worth investing in a set.



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