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Mystery Monday – William Easter’s parents

A brick wall that has remained for years is the identity of the parents of my 6x great-grandfather, William Easter.

According to information I’ve inherited, he was born in 1675, in Stow-cum-Quy, Cambridgeshire. However his baptism isn’t in the parish records for Stow, so he must have been born elsewhere.

There  is a possibility that he was baptised at Holy Trinity in Cambridge – the date is about right, but it’s not a positive identification yet.

William married in 1700, in Stow – that is in the parish records. However there’s some confusion as to whether his wife was called Ann or Jane. The marriage register shows Jane, but my “inherited” records show Ann. Sadly none of my inherited records for this family have sources, but I have to accept the marriage record – unless she was baptised as Ann, and preferred to be called Jane. I do know her surname was Bradwell. Her parents moved to Stow after her birth, as she isn’t in the parish records. So I need to look further afield for her, too. Her parents were David and Ann Bradwell. (That may be where the error in the name of William’s wife has come from.)

After their marriage, they had three children in Stow, Mary (1701),  Margaret (1703), and Anne (1706). They had two sons, John (1708), and my ancestor, William (1710), both born in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, where the family remained until about 1850.

So there they are – somewhere in Cambridge, I hope.



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