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Quick Catch-up

Over a year since I last posted – family matters have taken precedence. I’ve managed to do a bit of research, though.

My father, who researched our family for over forty years, and who started me on the trail, died last October, and I wish I’d taken better notes of the many things he told me when we chatted. The time when I could make a quick call, and ask “What did you say about …” has gone, and record offices just aren’t as convenient.

I’ve scanned and added quite a few photos, mainly on my husband’s tree. I’ve got a lot to scan that my father owned, which will be a major project.

I’ve managed to find some more information on my husband’s Irish ancestors, the Rubie family. The name changed to Reuby when they emigrated from Cork to London – presumably a mis-spelling.

I’m still using GRAMPS as my genealogy software, but I’ve increased my back-up options. I now back-up my photos to SpiderOak and to UbuntuOne, and my entire database (including images) to Dropbox. My two photo back-ups run automatically when the folders are updated, and I update my database manually when I make changes.

I’ve also been trying WikiTree, and I’ll probably make a separate post when I’ve got used to all it can do. One branch of my mother’s family were LDS (Mormon) Pioneers back in 1862, and I hope to get more information on possible links here.

I wasn’t happy when Shoeboxes was bought up by Ancestry. I used my shoeboxes to share photos with other family members, and Ancestry just isn’t designed to do that. I’ve been searching for a replacement with no success. Flickr allows lots of space, but the interface just isn’t attractive or easy to use. Again, it really isn’t designed to do what I want to do.

I’m using Google+ much more, now that I’ve got used to it. I find it more serious than Facebook, and the groups and posts are much more on topic. I still belong to several FB groups though. I would have dumped Twitter over their seriously unpleasant attitudes, but there are a couple of people who only post their genealogy stuff there, and I didn’t want to lose that contact. That was a really hard decision to make.

No more to report at the moment, so I’ll be back soon!



One thought on “Quick Catch-up

  1. Condolences on the death of your father. You are certainly excused from blogging. Thanks for the updates on your activity, hope to hear more from you in the near future.

    Posted by geniaus | October 17, 2013, 8:35 am

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