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A Day without Blogging?

Geneamusings asks:  If we lost our blogging platforms for awhile (but not the Internet as a whole), what would you do with your genealogy time?  What projects would you start, continue working on, or try to finish instead of blogging? Tough question! Plenty on my to-do list, so I’d try to clear some of those. I know … Continue reading

Joseph Cordery

Joseph Cordery is an ancestor of my brother-in-law – I spent this morning searching out some information on him and his family. Joseph was born in 1800 in Richmond, Surrey. He married Mary Chuter in 1824 – before civil registrations, but I found them in Piggot’s Marriage Index. Mary died in 1826, and on 7 … Continue reading

Technology Tuesday – Photos of Photos

Looking at the various portable scanners the other day, as I have a bad habit of borrowing family photos from my Dad and forgetting to return them.  Then I had a thought – my phone has a five megapixel camera, and I spend more time reducing image files after scanning than I do actually scanning, … Continue reading

Technology Tuesday – Android Genealogy

I’ve finally joined the Android generation – mainly so I can check my calendar without switching on my PC. But the other great advantage is being able to keep my family tree in my pocket, and access it while at the library. I’m trying the free trial of Family Bee from Beekeeper Labs, and so … Continue reading

UK Census Day 2011

One of the highlights of any genealogist’s calendar – census day! I couldn’t help but wonder about my descendants, in a hundred or so years time, digging through the records to extract as much information as they can about great-great grandma and grandpa, where they lived, what they did, who their children were … assuming … Continue reading