Technology Tuesday

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Technology Tuesday – HistoryPin

Another photo site, but not plain storage. HistoryPin‘s tagline is “Pin your history to the world”, and I’ve found it fascinating –  photos, videos and audio clips, relating them to places. A large number of museums and history organisations worldwide have already uploaded some of their archives, but there are lots of individuals adding content too. You can … Continue reading

Technology Tuesday – Shoeboxes by 1000Memories

I was pointed to this handy photo storage site by a post on Kelly’s “My Blog .. My Life ..My Ancestry”. Shoeboxes are collections of photos – just like the real shoeboxes we used to store our family snaps in, but these are digital. An account with 1000Memories is free, and lets you store as many … Continue reading

Technology Tuesday – from Joomla to GRAMPS NarrativeWeb

Until recently I’ve been using Joomla CMS to create my website – mainly to get practice for another project I’m involved in. But as I’m the only person updating my site, it’s rather overkill. Another problem was that the few genealogy plug-ins were too heavy on resources for my free hosting, and I don’t want … Continue reading

Technology Tuesday – Pearltrees

I was searching for a Chrome extension to make notes, specifically of genealogy-related websites that I’d come across that week. Every Friday I read other bloggers accounts of the stuff they’ve found, but can’t be bothered to track back through my bookmarks to record mine. I’ve got Tomboy of course, but I was thinking more … Continue reading

Technology Tuesday – Website Upgrade

Finally finished upgrading my main website. I did a clean install of Joomla 1.7 after testing on localhost, and finding compatible extensions. My main problem has been the family trees – the script I was using on 1.5 doesn’t work with the latest GRAMPS, which is why I decided to upgrade. I tried Joaktree, and … Continue reading