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Technology Tuesday – Genealogy in Time toolbar

I’m trying out this free toolbar for Firefox (and Internet Explorer), as well as looking at some of the other tools and resources on the Genealogy in Time website. The toolbar is useful for searches – it searches “over 500 genealogy websites” – but doesn’t say which ones. I’ve had search returns from findagrave.com, legacy.com, iagenweb.org (Iowa), archive.org, ingenweb.org (Indiana), iowagravestones.org, National Library of Australia, Tennessee genweb, Old Bailey Online, and Canada genweb.

The toolbar also has a link to the website, where you can find other tools, including an interactive map of Britain in 1940. The “new records” link takes you to a page cataloguing the latest updates to genealogy resources worldwide.

It also has a Gmail button and a genealogy rss newsfeed. The site stats are provided by alexa.com – I’ve turned off the option to let alexa know which sites I’m visiting. If they want to know, they can read my blog.

I usually use Chrome for browsing as it’s so much quicker, but I find this toolbar quite useful so I’m switching back to Firefox for genealogy searches.

Full details and download at Genealogy in Time website.



2 thoughts on “Technology Tuesday – Genealogy in Time toolbar

  1. I don’t what the cause is but this item would not download for me.

    Posted by al carroll | September 7, 2014, 4:20 am

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