Mystery Monday

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Mystery Monday – Two Census Entries?

My husband’s grandfather is driving me mad. I thought I’d found him, and his wife Ellen, on the 1901 census. Aged 28, born Southwark, wife Nellie – which is how she appears on many census entries. But by 1901 they already had their first daughter, Ellen. So where is she? Some searching found another entry … Continue reading

Mystery Monday – Robert Reuby and his Wives

I’ve spent a lot of today wrestling with Robert Reuby and his family. The more information I get, the less I seem to know. First Marriage: 7 Aug 1893 to Kate Mack. No death for her under Mack or Reuby, but she disappears. Child: baptism Feb 1901, parents Robert and Ellen Reuby. 1901 Census: shown … Continue reading

Mystery Monday – Carter, Herbert or David?

This handsome young fellow is one of my grandmothers brothers. Two of her brothers, Herbert and David Carter, became policemen, and this is one of them. Sadly we don’t know which one. I don’t know if I could manage to read his collar badge, and then maybe trace him that way.

Mystery Monday – Kate Mack

Kate Mack was the first wife of Robert Reuby. They were married on 7 August 1893, at St Stephens Church, Walworth, London. Their marriage certificate shows her age as 22, so she would have been born around 1871. She is listed as a spinster, with no profession. Robert is shown as a bachelor. Her father … Continue reading