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Technology Tuesday – The Tech Savvy Genealogists’ Meme

The Tech Savvy Genealogists’ Meme
from Geniaus

The list should be annotated in the following manner:
Things you have already done or found: bold face type
Things you would like to do or find: italicize (colour optional)
Things you haven’t done or found and don’t care to: plain type
Feel free to add extra comments in brackets after each item

Which of these apply to you?

  • Own an Android or Windows tablet or an iPad – my Android smatphone does all I need
  • Use a tablet or iPad for genealogy related purposes
  • Have used Skype to for genealogy purposes
  • Have used a camera to capture images in a library/archives/ancestor’s home – again, my smartphone meets my needs, I’m a terrible photographer!
  • Use a genealogy software program on your computer to manage your family tree – I use GRAMPS gramps-project.com
  • Have a Twitter account – yes, but I mainly read rather than post
  • Tweet daily
  • Have a genealogy blog – – if you’re reading this, you’ve found it!
  • Have more then one genealogy blog – no
  • Have lectured/presented to a genealogy group on a technology topic – no fear!
  • Currently an active member of Genealogy Wise
  • Have a Facebook Account
  • Have connected with genealogists via Facebook
  • Maintain a genealogy related Facebook Page
  • Maintain a blog or website for a genealogy society – no, I don’t live in any of the places that my ancestors come from
  • Have submitted text corrections online to Ancestry, Trove or a similar site
  • Have registered a domain name- not for genealogy
  • Post regularly to Google+ – just starting to use it
  • Have a blog listed on Geneabloggers
  • Have transcribed/indexed records for FamilySearch or a similar project
  • Own a Flip-Pal or hand-held scanner
  • Can code a webpage in .html – yes, but I switched to Joomla!, when another GRAMPS user has created a plug-in to create a family tree for Joomla!-based sites
  • Own a smartphone
  • Have a personal subscription to one or more paid genealogy databases – no, I use my local library for Ancestry
  • Use a digital voice recorder to record genealogy lectures
  • Have contributed to a genealogy blog carnival
  • Use Chrome as a Browser – yes, but not for genealogy as I like the GenealogyinTime toolbar for Firefox
  • Have participated in a genealogy webinar
  • Have taken a DNA test for genealogy purposes
  • Have a personal genealogy website
  • Have found mention of an ancestor in an online newspaper archive
  • Have tweeted during a genealogy lecture
  • Have scanned your hardcopy genealogy files – all mine are digital, though I hope to inherit my dad’s paperwork!
  • Use an RSS Reader to follow genealogy news and blogs
  • Have uploaded a gedcom file to a site like Geni, MyHeritage or Ancestry
  • Own a netbook
  • Use a computer/tablet/smartphone to take genealogy lecture notes
  • Have a profile on LinkedIn that mentions your genealogy habit – I haven’t used it for about six or seven years
  • Have developed a genealogy software program, app or widget
  • Have listened to a genealogy podcast online
  • Have downloaded genealogy podcasts for later listening
  • Backup your files to a portable hard drive – yes, though I use my Dropbox more
  • Have a copy of your genealogy files stored offsite
  • Know about Rootstech
  • Have listened to a Blogtalk radio session about genealogy – no, I never seem to get round to it
  • Use Dropbox, SugarSync or other service to save documents in the cloud
  • Schedule regular email backups – regular backups, but not by email
  • Have contributed to the Familysearch Wiki
  • Have scanned and tagged your genealogy photographs – some, but not all
  • Have published a genealogy book in an online/digital format – no, I’ve been thinking about family histories but I’d probably produce them as PDFs rather than ebooks now.

So there are my answers – how about yours? If you want to take part, visit Geniaus to let her know!



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